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Family Foot Care
Dr. David A. Lieb, DPM

10 Hillcrest Dr, Suite #25
Frederick, MD 21703
(301) 695-1010
Email: [email protected]


"Dr. Lieb is very prompt. He is very personable and patient. I recommend Dr. Lieb to my family and friends. I think an awful lot of him."  - Irene Goucker

"I do not have to wait to see him, and I think he does a very good job. Dr. Lieb is a very caring doctor." - Barbara Bittner


"Dr. Lieb explained the procedure very well and answered all questions-even ones that may have seemed insignificant. I will, and always have recommended him. The procedure was virtually painless. Thank you! I am sorry I waited so long." - Sharon Lee


"Dr. Lieb did an excellent job removing my ingrown nail. He made sure my foot was numb before operating and he answered all of my questions." - Jarry Zamora, RN


"I had pain in my ankle on the right side. I could not stand up in the morning, and it took a while for me to get going. I feel like I have a new set of feet. I can walk without limping or dragging one leg." - Doris Waters


"Dr. Lieb is a good doctor. My family and I have been seeing him since 1992. He is very good with people. All tens!" - Mike Parker


"Dr. Lieb is caring doctor with a genuine concern for his patient's welfare. One of a kind!" - Ronald Wolfe


"You were very caring and gentle while fixing my feet. You did a wonderful job." - Leslie A. Poling


"Dr. Lieb was able to immediately diagnose my foot problems and provide the treatment that I needed to get rid of my foot pain." - Raymond Blowitski


"I would recommend Dr. Lieb to take care of anyone with a foot problem." - Loretta Fahy

"The ultrasound treatment has relieved the pain in my arch. Having my nails cut and my feet massaged is a treat. I purchased two pairs of custom fitted arch supports, and I am very pleased with how much they have helped relieve the pain in my feet." - Roma Hebb


"I believe a physician should be an icon of health and fitness. Dr. Lieb fits this image. He is a runner and looks the part. Someone who preaches how you should be healthy should do so himself. Unfortunately, many doctors do not follow their own advice. Dr. Lieb is thorough, and does professional exams of both feet every time I come in." - Ronald Miller


"Thank you Dr. Lieb for your genuine compassion and sincerity." - Kay VanBuskirk


"He was very polite and courteous. We 'older folks' appreciate that. Dr. Lieb is a credit to his profession." - Kathleen Parsons


"Dr. Lieb is on time and polite. He files insurance forms and follows up. He has an impressive list of accomplishments." - Charles D. Miller


"Dr. Lieb is very capable, and I have complete confidence in his care." - Margaret Day


"Thank you for the special care you provide at Family Foot Care. My feet and all ten toes appreciated you every day and all night too. They would hurt a lot without your care. You are very kind to devote the time to all the paper work required to provide the therapeutic shoes to diabetics like me. No other doctor ever has. I love my new Supremes by Soft Spots. They look so nice and are so comfortable. My daughter Sherry was with me at my last visit. She was so impressed, she now has a new foot care doctor." - Wilma Evans.

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